Over centuries one of the principal obligations of membership of the Sacred Military Constantinian Order of Saint George and in more recent times, the Royal Order of Francis I, has been charitable and humanitarian assistance.
Knights and dames on entering the Order promise:

  1. To promote the spiritual and physical welfare of the sick and disabled, the poor, the homeless and the illiterate.
  2. To aid and protect them and contribute to their material and moral support.
  3. To establish institutions of religious charity and to attend to their needs.
  4. To co-operate with other agencies or institutions which engage in similar work.
  5. To do any and all things and engage in any and all activities which, in the judgement of the Grand Master and the Council of the Delegation may be necessary or proper to accomplish these objectives.

These obligations are at the core of everything the dynastic orders and its knights and dames undertake and stand for today. It is also the principal way in which such ancient orders of chivalry maintain their relevance in society today.

Within the Order’s Delegation in Great Britain and Ireland, our group of knights and dames and supporters have been responsible over many years for raising and donating several million pounds in financial support to adopted charities and other non-profit institutions in Great Britain, Ireland, the Commonwealth and wider world which are focused on Catholic and inter-religious activities, cultural, educational, social and humanitarian programmes. Funds raised are usually donated by the members and supporters directly to the charitable and non-profit organisations and for this reason and as the delegation acts as a fundraiser it is not required to register with the Charity Commission.

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