How Beautiful the Valley

The author of this book, His Grace Archbishop Robert Rivas has played an important role furthering the Order's charitable activities in Saint Lucia and the wider Caribbean region and HRH The Grand Master recently appointed him as Prior of the new Caribbean delegation and decreed him to the rank of Ecclesiastical Knight Grand Cross of Grace of the Constantinian Order. The Constantinian Order is a proud supporter of this magnificent publication.

The 416 page coffee table book which contains written and photographic content about the history, archaeology, mythology, folklore, culture and geography of the Caribbean region, is available from the Chancery and can be purchased with a %10 discount and is now available at £27 including postage & packaging to addresses within the UK (previously at £29.99). If purchased together with 'Almanach de Gotha 2012 Volume I' (normally costing £52.50), there will be a further discount for a total of £50 including postage & packaging.

To make use of this offer or to enquire about international postage please contact the Chancery on +44 20 7594 0275 or via email on

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